Ioanna Limniou


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Ioanna Limniou, born in 1987, lives and works in Athens, Greece. Limniou studied Fashion Design, and Art & Antiquities Conservation before enrolling in the Integrated MA programme at the Athens School of Fine Art. She graduated with honours from the Visual Arts Department, in painting. Her paintings feature classical figurative and still-life imagery rendered with a naïf aesthetic. She mostly works with oils, but also crayons, watercolour pencils, and markers, creating a unique language relating to traditional Greek imagery, literature, poetry, and the observation of urban or rural life. Recent exhibitions in Greece and abroad include the residency programme and exhibition ‘Thermia Project’, in Kythnos (2023), “Looking With the Eyes of Love” at The Breeder Gallery, in Athens (2023), “KunstRAI” Art Fair with Enari Gallery Amsterdam (2023), “In Motion” at Enari Gallery Amsterdam (2022-2023), Siden & Soufli at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation Athens (2022), “Elpis” and “Little Help from my Friend” at KYAN Athens (2022), and “Nemesis” at The Holy Art London (2022). Ioanna Limniou is currently represented by Enari Gallery - Amsterdam.

Red Gleaners oil and oil sticks on canvas, 2023

Thermia Project

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